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Break Me Down Ch 55-59/100 R Angela/Jordan

TITLE: Break Me Down 55-59 / 100
AUTHOR: crazyevildru
LENGTH: 99,200+

RATING: PG13 but will become R/NC17

DISCLAIMER: I sadly do not own the characters, Shout and Winnie Holzman do!

SUMMARY: The mystery behind Jordan Catalano- answering the question of why he did what he did on the show and beyond. I tried to explore Jordan more and bring him some depth. This is told in his POV- italics are his voice overs.
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THANKS TO: methosdeb, hot4J, mirror_kiss, Lady Jane's Muse, shaid, jnc420, luvjordan, Tereza8472, Red81, mariondavis, malyale, leobrat, betharina, thatsaid, naroo_13, sweetest_asylum, nola_nola, debbiejallen, Jessie, GoodniteGirl23


It sounded like she's not nervous about my advances, like… like maybe because she doesn't want them or they don't affect her anymore. Like maybe… maybe we are just really good friends now.

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