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Break Me Down Ch 95-99/100 NC17 Angela/Jordan

TITLE: Break Me Down 95-99/ 100
AUTHOR: crazyevildru
LENGTH: 106432
DISCLAIMER: I sadly do not own the characters, Shout and Winnie Holzman do!
SUMMARY: The mystery behind Jordan Catalano- answering the question of why he did what he did on the show and beyond. I tried to explore Jordan more and bring him some depth. This is told in his POV- italics are his voice overs.
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THANKS TO: methosdeb, hot4J, mirror_kiss, Lady Jane's Muse, shaid, jnc420, luvjordan, Tereza8472, Red81, mariondavis, malyale, leobrat, betharina, thatsaid, naroo_13, sweetest_asylum, nola_nola, debbiejallen, Jessie, GoodniteGirl23, orchid1, StefForPresident, queencordy44


It's like as soon as she fuckin' touches me now, even if it's just my arm, all I see is her body. It's like something comes over me and it's suddenly Angela-vision that I see.

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