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This is a community for fanfiction about the beautiful yet short-lived show, My So-Called Life. Feel free to join, post your stories, post requests, comment on other fanfic or ask for MSCL-fanfiction-related help if you need it. We are also having a weekly challenge; feel free to participate. The more the merrier!

If you need anything, just ask one of the moderators: lalagirl33 or ikilledkennym. Ikilledkennym would be happy to beta-read any stories in need. Thanks, and remember to have fun!

Rules (read before posting)

1. This is a community for posting and discussing fanfiction for the show, My So-Called Life. Please keep on-topic.

2. Please proofread and spellcheck your fanfic. No chatspeak, thank you.

3. When posting a story, this format is recommended:

Chapter Name:
Word Count:

Optional: Genres, author, beta reader (if you have one).

4. LJ-cut a fic if it:
a) is over 100 words
b) is over the rating of PG, and/or
c) deals with a sensitive topic

5. Don't be stupid. ;)

That is all. Thank you, come again!